Reminder Service

Remind2Renew offer a reminder service to customers to remind them of everything that needs renewal or follow up. Avoid penalties and late renewal of your license disk by making use of our reminder service. Let us remind you when your next medication prescription must be renewed. Do you have a business where your client’s appliances must be serviced and you need to be reminded?

For the minimal fee of R50.00 per year per reminder, we will send you a reminder text message when your renewal are due.

How it works

  • To be reminded of any chosen service, you have to register on our website
  • After registering your chosen reminder, a welcome email will be sent to your email address.
  • You have to then pay the calculated amount into our bank account.
  • Send a proof of payment to our email address and you are halfway there.

What you get

After Remind2Renew receive your payment, the following is going to happen:

  • You will be registered in our database
  • A confirmation sms will be send out to you.
  • Your requested reminder date will be set in our sms system and 1 week before the due date you will receive your 1st sms reminder.
  • A second sms will be send 1 day before your reminder due date.
  • A final sms will be sent on the day of the reminder.

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If you are a company or have more than 5 reminders to be registered, please send us an email to and we will give you a detailed quote.

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